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The 'Happiness Finder' merges digital tech with the four-leaf clover symbol, echoing the Nordic 'Hygge' concept of cozy comfort. In our smart city, we focus on revealing 'small joys' to offer city dwellers moments of relaxation and well-being. Activate your smartphone's camera and stroll around the city searching for a four-leaf clover. While spotting one with the human eye can be challenging, with the aid of machinery, you can effortlessly locate one. This support feature is made possible using machine learning and computer vision. By collaborating with machines and seeking out the 'small joys' in the city on our own, our hearts and minds will likely become more enriched.


Utilize your smartphone's camera to detect four-leaf clovers by comparing the live footage with pre-trained images of four-leaf clovers. Note that the YOLOv8 object detection model is employed for this task.

How To Use

1.Using your smartphone, access ' Try Happiness Finder ! ' with the specified browser (Safari for iOS, Chrome for Android).
2.On the 'Happiness Finder' app screen, press the START button.
3.Please grant permission for the app to access your camera.
4.With the camera activated, search for a four-leaf clover. When found, the location of the four-leaf clover will be highlighted with a circle.

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