About H-UTokyo Lab

The University of Tokyo and Hitachi are collaborating to address global challenges. The University merges diverse knowledge, aiming to bridge its creation with application. Hitachi employs its tech experience in societal solutions. Together, they’ve established the “H-UTokyo Lab” to drive innovations for “Society 5.0”, focusing on smart city concepts and energy systems. Both aim to share their joint research findings through public forums.

Urban Well-being of Smart City


We’re developing an Urban Well-being for Mega Cities concept, merging digital tech with urban space to enhance citizen life and value for its inhabitants.The key topics include connecting the Cyber and Physical worlds, creating a diverse information infrastructure known as Dataspace, incorporating AI, and establishing Interactive systems and Digital Communities to bridge cities and people. It also emphasizes the idea of ‘Slow Digital’ to lead a more fulfilling life. ​ By adopting these concepts, we aim to move beyond merely the physical aspects of urban spaces and functionalities.

🏙️Scale City🏙️

Scale City is an initiative that combines physical and digital maps. By installing a 3D printed model of PLATEAU, a 3D city model compatible with the real world, on a monitor, you can check the flow of people and traffic data against a three-dimensional map.

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🍀Happiness Finder🍀

The ‘Happiness Finder’ merges digital tech with the four-leaf clover symbol, echoing the Nordic ‘Hygge’ concept of cozy comfort. In our smart city, we focus on revealing ‘small joys’ to offer city dwellers moments of relaxation and well-being. Activate your smartphone’s camera and stroll around the city searching for a four-leaf clover. While spotting one with the human eye can be challenging, with the aid of machinery, you can effortlessly locate one. This support feature is made possible using machine learning and computer vision. By collaborating with machines and seeking out the ‘small joys’ in the city on our own, our hearts and minds will likely become more enriched.

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Urban Well-being by Digital and Design Together